Julie Kummer portraitHi, I’m Julie Kummer and I’m a creative technologist*

(this is the best definition of what I mistook until recently for mild schizophrenia). sistak is my freelancing studio and my experimentation playground.

As a creative technologist, I find ways to make emerging technologies work as wisely and creatively as possible to engage, entertain and captivate. I advise and work on websites, web and mobile applications, digital campaigns or multimedia presentations, from research and concept definition through to production and implementation.

In the words of my last employer Liz High, I have ‘a unique skill set’ honed through a unique portfolio of roles spanning strategy, operations and development. I am fluent in English/French/German and when not experimenting with code or design, I make real-worldly things (like wedding dresses) and run up and down mountains for 50 miles at a time while listening to obscure japanese jazz.

I’d love to meet you – please come say hello.


The story so far

After a career in business administration and project management in Switzerland, I moved to London where I learned web development and multimedia production before joining Intrepid, a market research company.

In my role of Director Digital Solutions, I played a pivotal part in shaping up the digital strategy and worked for FT 500 clients, building and managing award winning online communities and defining digital ethnography practices to capture insights online.